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Ajman-based Mohiudeen Wood Works, one of the leading timber trading companies in the region, has added Oud Wood to its product list, in addition to a new range of fragrant ‘Oud Oils’.

According to Mr. B. M. Ashraf, Managing Director of Mohiudeen Wood Works, the company sources Oud wood (Agarwood) and Oud oils from India, Cambodia and Malaysia, which are then manufactured/distilled with utmost importance to maintain a very high standard of quality. “We are committed to providing our customers with the purest and highest quality products always,” he said.

Oud oil – also known as Agarwood oil has a unique fragrance, which has become popular the world over. They have medicinal, incense, cosmetic and aromatic applications. Oud is secreted by the Agar trees to protect itself from fungal infection. The process of extracting and producing the oil is quite painstaking, which explains its high price.

Mohiudeen Wood Works has been sourcing high-quality timber of different species from over 12 countries across 4 continents, over the years. “Sourcing is one of our core strengths, and the company is well-positioned to source and supply exotic species of wood in a time-bound manner,” said Mr. Ashraf, adding, “We are sure that our customers would wholeheartedly welcome our new products.”

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